Great British Bake Off Challenge / My Cooking Journey

It’s National Baking Week!

I just found out it’s National Baking Week 15th – 21st October – – what a brilliant time for me to start my Great British Bake Off Challenge!!

As Saturday rolled around, I popped out to pick up The Telegraph (bit of a change from my normal gossip mag!?) as it had a free pull out, created by the wonderful Paul Hollywood on How To Bake, Part 1 Cakes and Puddings… Part 2 was in the Sunday Telegraph (which I forgot to pick up….FAIL!)

The Great British Bake Off Challenge

I must point out, my baking skills have never gone past a Victoria sponge or cupcakes… mainly because I know I can make them without making anyone sick… and also because I have a lack of baking equipment! My hands are currently my tools!

So I have decided to take Paul Hollywood’s recipe booklet and work my way through it, one recipe a week and see if I can hone my skills and you never know I may be a contestant next year 😉

To save my waist line and my boyfriends he has been instructed to take the final product into his office… Here’s hoping I don’t make anyone sick!!

My first recipe – Making Scones!

Thankfully this recipe only needs my hand tools to make it. First steps mixing the butter and flour together into a breadcrumb like consistency…I have that down to a T!

One thing which I have realised is going to be a big learning curve for me is understanding whether the consistency of the mixture is correct. For example after adding more ingredients, i was supposed to be left with a very soft, wet dough…

Now for me, what I had seemed very sticky and gloopy, I really didn’t know if it was correct but thought I’d go with it! But once I took the next step which was folding the dough which in turn incorporated more flour it turned into a lovely smooth dough…

The great thing about Paul Hollywood’s booklet is that it gives you hints and tips about how to handle the dough so you keep the scones fluffy, how to glaze the scones without impacting the rising of the scones… all things which are being stored in the baking memory bank for the future 🙂

Check out the final product!

I am so excited to say that my first baking challenge has been a great success!

The scones have risen with a lovely golden top (I have a fan oven and I did reduce the temperature that Paul suggested but I also reduced the time, if i hadn’t i think it would have possibly burnt them!) and lovely fluffy middle.


Just add some cream and jam, or have warm with melted butter and jam and ENJOY!

Next week is Raspberry and Passion Fruit Muffins… I’m excited about cooking them!


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